Chinese Printing

Calendar Printing

Following is the prices for the examples and just for the checking of our price level. If you need any quotation, please feel free to contact us and send us the full specifications of your printing. We will reply you in 2 working days.

--Price for Calendar
A. European calendar
3 backcover (317mm X 190mm; 400gsm; 1site printed; 1 color; coated);
3 sets of text. Each set has 12 sheets (size 298mm X 180mm; 80gsm; 2 colors; 1side printed)
3 wires;
1 day pointer (red square on plastic strip)
Price for printing:
5000 copies: 5050.00usd
10000 copies: 9950.00usd

B. simple calendar
250gsm high grade glossy paper
8 pages, wire and hole binding
Quotation for printing:
500 copies: 665.00usd
1000 copies: 1032.00usd

C. 24pp Wall Calendar
Quantity              3,000
Size                     500x500mm
Print                     CMYK throughout both sides
Stock                   recommend 160gsm New age (matt art)
Finishing             Wiro bound with hanging
Amount               5055.00usd    

D. 26pp Desk Calendar (both sides print :12 month sheet + 1 cover sheet )
Quantity              3,000
Size                     recommend standard size 6 x 8 inch
Stock                   recommend 230gsm Art card
Print                     CMTK throughout both sides
Finishing             recommend standard 2 sets of 4 wiro bounds
Amount               1319.00usd